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Ternoa allows your memories to travel through future generations as digital time capsules on Blockchain.

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To celebrate the launch of our application in our store, Ternoa offers you 5 options that will allowyou to win up to 1000 Capsule Coin tokens!

1st Option: Install the Ternoa application and win 300 Capsule Coins.

2nd Option: Keep the app installed and win 3 Capsule Coins per day.

3rd Option: Send 5 Capsules to your friends and family from your app and win 40 Capsule Coins per new recipient.

4th Option: Follow Ternoa on Twitter and win 100 Capsule Coins. (

5th Option: Re-tweet or share this post (click here )on your social networks and win 100 Capsule Coins.

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Easy and Safe Transmission as Digital Time Capsules


Only the sender can see and modify the data. Ternoa never has access to the identity or the content of the capsules created by users.

No Intermediary

By using the blockchain, the management and storage system of your data is decentralized and autonomous.


Ternoa utilizes the power of blockchain technology to guarantee the inalienability of your data.

Capsules for the Future

Capsule of Trust

Select your trusted third parties who can request access at any time. Thanks to our Consent Protocol the content will only be accessible if there is a unanimous agreement between the recipients.

Passcode Capsule

Save your private wallet keys and important passwords in a dedicated capsule. Choose the recipients who will have access to your Capsule in case of problem or schedule a transport to yourself in the future.

Story Capsule

Tell your story and transfer your fondest memories to your loved ones and schedule when they can access them. Create your virtual memories for the generations to come.

Ternoa's blockchain

Ternoa's blockchain guarantees the security and archiving of data thanks to Proof of Capacity. Click here to find out more about how the blockchain works.

Long-term Storage
Proof of Capacity
Keyless Wallet
Oracle 2 Protocols
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The Ternoa Token

Ternoa offers a token management model designed to be resilient over time by our global architecture operating with a dual-use Non-fungible token (NFT) as well as a distributed Masternodes system.

The NFT contains:
The Capsule that hosts the encryption key to ensure the security and confidentiality of the content and the Capsule Coins. These Capsule Coins remunerate the MasterNodes which guarantee the stability and storage of the data over time.


Just like your memories, Ternoa is long-lasting. Our ambition is to bring new features to the Ternoa project on a regular basis through the long journey. You will find below the main development stages of the project over the next three years.

November 2020 – Airdrop

Launch Airdro

Q4 2020 – ICO

Launch of ICO

Q2 2021 – Application

BETA version application (S3 storage)

Q3 2021 - Wallet

KeyLess wallet for the mobile application.

Q3 2021 – Testnet

Deployment of the testnet

Q2 2022 – Mainet / Masternode / Swap Token

Deployment of the POW & POC masternodes on the test

Q3 2022 - Mainet

Q3 2022 - MasterNode

Deployment of the VR application on OCULUS

Q4 2022 - Oracle

Deployment of the oracles


Mickaël Canu

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur and Blockchain expert leading projects such as Syment, Urbanease and Contractchain. Notably, he registered the first general assembly in Europe on the Blockchain with Syment.

Clément Tequi

Chief Financial Officer

Token Exonomics expert and author of the book "Blockchain, vers de nouvelles chaînes de valeur."

Aurélien Deville

Blockchain Advisor

International speaker, moderator and co-founder of the "Blockchain Commission, distributed technologies and organizational impacts.”

Martin Oliviero

Chief Operating Officer

Johann Canu

Blockchain Lead Developper

Moshin Riaz

Front End Developper

Yannick Bensaq

Back End Developper

Anthony Hervy

Python Developper

Clément Levet

Chief Designer Officer

Lorraine Damiens

Project Manager

Sachié Takahashi

International Marketing

Laetitia Berretrot

Sales B2C

Eva Wahnich

Communication Director

Audrey Duchene

Communication Execution

Nicolas Duchemin

Digital Marketing

Valentin Peersman

Strategy Advisor


Owen Simonin​ (Hasheur)

Communication Advisor