NFT-Based Decentralized Data Transmission Blockchain.

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Ternoa powered by Polkadot

Ternoa Chain

Decentralized storage

Our network uses top decentralized storage providers (SIA, Arweave, Filecoin) to ensure the long term integrity of the encrypted and segmented data.


New types of NFTs with extended owner privileges. A revolutionary way to utilize the NFTs as a transmission technology.

Polkadot Parachain

Ternoa aims to become a Polkadot Parachain and benefits the reliability and technology of the ecosystem. Ternoa provides the ecosystem with the full featured NFT platform.

Secured by Intel® SGX

Ternoa provides a unique way to secure the data content in NFT by using multi party cryptography and through the use of Intel® SGX secure enclaves.

The Polkadot NFT Market Place

Time Capsule

Ternoa is developing a unique NFT Market Place on Polkadot Blockchain allowing users to purchase customized Time Capsules.


Our NFTs pictures are watermarked. Which means only the holder and owner of a NFT can see the high quality version of its cover, making it even more desirable to obtain.

Protocols designed for transmission

Send capsules choosing differents protocols for specific use cases.

ProtocolSeciton Ternoa Decentralized blockchain
Safe Protocol

Store data in a decentralized manner through the Ternoa Blockchain, and consult and retrieve it at any time.

ProtocolSeciton Ternoa Decentralized blockchain
D-day Protocol

Set the exact sending date of a capsule for a given recipient at creation: D-day protocol is a digital safe that can only be opened on a specific date.

ProtocolSeciton Ternoa Decentralized blockchain
Consent Protocol

After a given period of time, recipients are entitled to request access to the time capsule provided that the owner does not use his veto.

ProtocolSeciton Ternoa Decentralized blockchain
Death Protocol

The time capsule is delivered to beneficiaries once the creator dies. This protocol is based on local death registries APIs. And will only be available in some eligible countries at first.

ProtocolSeciton Ternoa Decentralized blockchain
Countdown protocol

Smart Contract which allows you to activate a countdown before sending a capsule. 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, which will reset to zero on each update. If no update is performed within the allotted time, the capsule is sent to its recipient(s).

Ternoa a decentralized blockchain CAPS and Polkadot

Ternoa powered by Polkadot

The aforementioned interoperability, enabled by the Substrate framework as well as the Polkadot blockchain, allows the Ternoa network to communicate with dex storage blockchains. Ternoa makes copies of files stored in time capsules on Aerweave, Sia and Storj, while keeping a copy of the original data on its own network.

This process is designed to maximize the security relating to the retention of the data entrusted by the user to Ternoa, since the file is encrypted and fragmented in several places.

In addition, interoperability allows the Ternoa blockchain to be connected to Chainlink, the leading blockchain in decentralized Oracle solutions. Basically, Chainlink helps ensure that certain terms and conditions in the management of the issuance and delivery of a capsule, and in particular temporal and demographic, are respected.


Ternoa Wallet

A Crypto Wallet for Ternoa Chain. The best way to manage your CAPS and discover the Ternoa blockchain ecosystem. Coming soon

Ternoa Wallet Application coming soon

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