Ternoa's protocols are designed to trigger the transmission of your digital assets at a chosen time. Here are the five decentralized ways to make your digital assets travel through time.

Ternoa Transmission Protocols
Ternoa safe protocol

Safe Protocol

The best way to protect your data on the blockchain. The Safe protocol allows you to store data in a decentralized manner through the Ternoa Blockchain, and consult and retrieve it at any time.

Ternoa Big Day protocol

Big Day Protocol

The Big Day Protocol allows you to send a capsule to the chosen recipients by programming a certain date. On that chosen day, the protocol will be triggered and the recipients will receive the keys to open their capsule.

Ternoa countdown protocol

Countdown Protocol

The perfect rescue protocol. This transmission setting allows you to activate a countdown before sending the capsule. Before the protocol is triggered, a countdown will start (1 month, 1 year, 10 years, etc.). If the capsule is not opened within the allotted time, the capsule is automatically given to the chosen recipients who can then open it.

Ternoa consent protocol

Consent Protocol

Gain peace of mind thanks to the Consent Protocol, allowing your trusted ones to request access to your capsule at any time. In the event of no response within the chosen time frame, the protocol will be triggered and your loved ones will be able to access the content of the time capsule.

Ternoa death protocol

Death Protocol

Everyone leaves something important behind. The Death Protocol offers the possibility to create a capsule that can only be opened after the creator has passed away. A way to ensure that you pass on everything that is important to you to the right people.